They said you get used to the smell of your lover. Elaboration of poisonous vapors, hot girl sweat, neutrality gel , synthetic stinks, stomach-to-stomach snatches — SSLT/115919758 is a prospect on the body and its representation through cosmetic and marketing standards. The publication combines scented thoughts and experiences by perfumers, writers, artists, designers and other practitioners in related fields. This issue follows Clémence de La Tour du Pin’s last solo exhibition 'Brand, Nature and Teamwork', for which she developed a scent based on the notion of ‘new’ in collaboration with a major producer of flavors and fragrances (IFF Inc). The ‘latest’, exogenous impulses that could seduce and trigger consumption reaction.

With contributions by Diego Agullo, Shane Anderson, Nicolas Beaulieu, D3signbur3au, Clemence de La Tour du Pin, Anne Fellner & Burkhard Beshow,

Hendrik, Renaud Jerez, Thomas Lagarde, Sandra Mujinga, John Henry Newton, Antoine Renard, Santiago Taccetti, Yves Scherer, Elvia Wilk.

[Edited by Clémence de La Tour du Pin, designed with]

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Drinks at Fragrances Bar, Ritz Carlton